me ello, my name is Christian. I've lived in the state of California within the United States of America all my life. A "Water Rat," according to the Eastern Zodiac, I relocated many times as my family changed homes. From me the time I was a wee lad, I loved to draw pictures - whether on paper, napkins - or even my bedroom walls! I also loved to play with Legos, Link 'n Logs, Castillo Castle Blocks, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Mask and Transformer action figures, make cardboard forts for my hamsters, Encyclopedia mazes for my rats and construct elaborate chair + blanket forts for me. These were the days of catching lizards, playing in the mud and letting my hair grow blonde and curly. I will never forget these times, for they are my imagination's foundation, for which I am eternally grateful.
Though I spent the majority of my time creating visual art such as strange creatures and cartoony oddities, I also enjoyed playing games like Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe, Monopoly, Stratego and Mah Jong. I developed a real love for video games when my parents gave me an Atari 2600 system with games like Space Invaders, Adventure, Asteroids and Combat (to name a few). Continuing to draw monsters and strange characters, I entered Junior high school and was exposed to Strategy War Games me and Role-playing Games as I started my first rudimentary compositions with my Casio VL-Tone keyboard. Creativity drove me to design game systems of my own and by High School I was drawing more varied and mature subject matter, as well as composing my first sequenced, digital music on my good friend's Ensoniq EPS keyboard. Inspired mostly by Japanese animation, I spent many hours late at night sketching countless characters. By College, I was in the thick of practicing traditional-style animation - with page-flipping, light-tables and 6 AM bed-time breakfasts at Denny's.

Attending CalArts proved to be a life-changing experience for me. At this art school, I met some of the most amazing artists I had ever seen. The combination of classical training and amazingly inspiring fellow students sent my creativity into overdrive. Oddly enough, I took little advantage of the powerful instruction made available to me, and me instead chose to dive into computer animation on my own. Spending sixteen hours straight in the Amiga computer lab for most of my second year planted the seeds of patience and love for bringing 2D and 3D characters to life on the computer.

Summer jobs like Wild Animal Park 'food service clerk' aside - My first full-time job was a perfect match, requiring me to create graphics for video games! I met some of the most amazing 2D digital artists in this company - many from England - who'd worked in "sweat shops" creating beautiful graphics with sixteen colors, a computer mouse and a cup of coffee. This first job marked the beginning of many changes for me.

Diving into my work, I learned a tremendous amount from my co-workers. Some of the game testers were tournament Street Fighter II players, and I had a great time learning from them on breaks and slow days with our Super Nintendo and SFII cartridge. An opportunity presented itself, and I moved from Southern California to Northern California, where I joined a much larger, more "corporate" video game company. I learned very quickly what Dilbert was talking about!

For the next six years, I went through great work and personal learning experiences. Still a nomad, I continued to me relocate between relationships and work. At one point, due to a lack of exercise and sleep, the stress in my life overtook and led me into sickness, from which I suffered for quite some time. Through this difficult experience, I learned I could survive, and was able to see and better appreciate what was most important to me in my life. Since then, I have learned to have faith in my true friendships, no longer fearing loss - even if I moved away. My work has slowly prioritized itself appropriately, and I strive to enjoy my time on this Earth pursuing my creative projects with passionate intensity. To sum up my personality: I'm a creative, sensitive, passionate and empathic goofball constantly in search of new ways to express myself with humor and conviction :)

If you're creative or interested in games or how to make them, I would encourage you to visit the Senntient.com Game Forums (I go by "kurisu" there).

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